Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Countdown to ORC Linkup #3

Now that planning our wedding is a thing of the past, it's time to think about what project to do for the next One Room Challenge Link-Up!

ORC Linkup #3, hosted by the incomparable Linda of Calling It Home, begins in October. I've had loads of fun in the first two rounds, re-doing my mom's laundry room from a distance and making over the "keep" off the kitchen in my current house. 

Our house has great bones, is in the most perfect location for us, and the previous owners did some things for which I am grateful, like painting every wall white, but there are still a number of projects we want to tackle. 

And there is no better time to do it than the six-week one room challenge while the (blog)world watches!

So what should we do??? 

inspiration via BHG
1. Kitchen: this majorly needs to be addressed since there is no dishwasher and the wall oven has stopped working. However, the idea of doing it ourselves in a relatively short time-frame with people watching fills me with anxiety. It has been done beautifully by others, though. My favorites are 6 Wilson and Simple Details.

from the MLS listing

2. Entryway: this project has some pretty obvious benefits. We would be adding curb appeal, organizing the foyer, and finishing the petite powder room. It's manageable within the six-week time-frame and wouldn't bust the budget.

from Instagram
3. Lower-Level: Because our house is a split-level, the basement is just a few steps down from the kitchen. There are windows at ground level and it would be the perfect spot for extra hangout space. Right now, though, it's a catchall for crap as you can see above. Since it is visible from the kitchen and dining room, it would be great to snazz it up with some paint, carpet, and artwork. 

All three projects would tie in nicely with the project that I already accomplished in the "keep." Furthermore, getting the rooms on the ground level finished feels like the right thing to do--as if I am creating a structure for the decor of the rest of the house--literally building up from these ground floor projects to later take on the rooms on the upper levels. 

So what's your vote??

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