Friday, July 4, 2014

High Five Friday: 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!! There are blue skies here and a smell of barbecue in the air. This is my favorite holiday because it's summer and it's all about kicking back. I hope that wherever you are in the world today, you can enjoy some of the red, white, and blue!

In honor of the Fourth, today's post only has four favorites. If you need more, you can check out the belatedly posted Five from last week here. Many of the C.Wonder items are still on sale!

via Today Show

1. Ice Cream
The tastiest low-cal frozen treats because this is the time of year for ice cream and popsicles.

via Pawley's Island Posh
 2. Hale Navy
In clothing, navy reads less harshly than black. The same is true for decor, I think. I especially like the latest use of Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy in this den.

via Longfield Gardens

3. Flower-works
A great idea for decorating with what you have this Independence Day: bring inside bloomed-out alliums, which look like fireworks. Get 25% off allium bulbs from Longfield Gardens.

4. Carpe Diem
I passed on this (free) rug last year and am still kicking myself. The colors are perfect for this holiday ... and for spills.  

via Pinterest

We are headed up north in a few hours. To the place where I was born and where my fiance and I first met. It should be romantic! It will also be the first time I have been "home" in a year... That's the longest I have ever been away in my entire life. I'm also excited to be able to check out my first ORC room in person.


  1. So many wonderful ideas! I hate it when I pass up something great like that rug. It's usually because I can't think where to put it. But I'm learning to get it anyway because if I love it, ill find a place for it...right?! Hope yo u enjoy your trip! :)

  2. Love your picks - I need Hale Navy in my life! Hope you have a great trip!


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