Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Word of the Day Wednesday

And the word is antimacassar

It's what you call that apron of extra fabric on the arm or back of a chair or sofa. To learn more about the history of these things check out this blog post.

When I bought this vintage chair for my one room challenge, the antimacassars on the arms were dirty and threadbare. Which is exactly why they serve such a good purpose: without them, the fabric on the arms would have been damaged, requiring re-upholstery. Instead, I was able to fix up the chair by simply removing the antimacassars.

In the store, I had figured that these were affixed to the chair with thread, as most antimacassars seem to be. However, once I got the chair home, I realized the antimacassars were held on with a metal spring! I didn't need wire cutters, though. I was able to sort of unscrew the spring from the chair and gently pull it out without damaging the fabric. 

Antimacassars. Something to keep in mind when you find a great chair for cheap! 

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  1. Do you know I never knew what those arm things were called? Thanks for adding a word to my vocabulary. Your blog is great. Best wishes for a happy marriage. I'm your newest follower.


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