Monday, July 14, 2014

Wedding Week Begins!

Holy smokes, people. THIS is it. I get married again--and for the final time--on Saturday. 

There are still items on the TO DO list, but everything truly feels as if it is falling into place. 

To keep myself calm, I am practicing lots of grounding meditations. Which basically means that I am paying attention to my feet on the floor. Which translates into me moving rugs around our house and thinking about new flooring options. 

from Dreaming Green: Eco-Fabulous Homes Designed to Inspire
My thoughts on a polished concrete floor in our ground level rooms got a boost from this book over the weekend. I love the mix of wood cabinetry and stainless, pro-quality appliances with the smooth dark floor. Even the counter stools are fitting with my latest crush.

Polished concrete will work best with lots of sumptuous area rugs to keep it warm in the winter months (which can be half the year in Michigan). I like this one for under our dining table. It's an 8x10 and I think the khaki, red, and navy will hide spills like a champ. It's also fairly inexpensive. I found it at Home Depot.

Of course, not as inexpensive as this free one that someone in my community was giving away last fall. Isn't it lovely? But it only measured 5x7, which is still a bit small for the area I want to cover.

The rug in this photo moved from its spot under our dining table. It was the wrong color to coordinate with the other rugs on that level (which are all shades of blue). It, too, was only a 5x7. I like how it pulls together the office, but its absence means we need to get something for under the table. 

And this one peeking out from under all of the cardboard? It is part of the re-designed keep but last night rather than sleeping I started thinking about moving it to my daughter's bedroom. I'll post a picture on Instagram if that's what I end up doing (and that's where most of these photos are from).

As the yogis say, "om"!

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  1. Take it easy dear, I'm sure your day will be perfect. Love all the rugs you've shown so far. :-)


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