Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lingering Over Dinner: Dining Area Design Plan

So, to riff on yesterday's post about not really having it in me right now to buy new armchairs and foreshadow tomorrow's post about upcoming projects, let's chat about my dining area and the big money I'd like to spend there.

Our dining area is at the front of our house, facing the street, and open to the kitchen. Which is why I call it an area and not a room. It's not formal; we're more likely to be eating tacos on paper plates than serving a dinner party, but I do want it to look nice.
via Smith & Noble

One of the advantages of the cozy little nook in which this area is located is that I can finally create the banquette of my dreams. There is a huge window at the front and on one side. The third side is a wall where I hung some antique plates.

via Smith & Noble

I want to create something like these banquettes but want them to blend more into the background. To accomplish this, I would move the table out more so that chairs could fit on all sides.

via 1stDibs
Our tabletop is round and made of a soft wood like pine, which has not been a good choice for our family. We've had it just since we moved into our house last December, but already there are some scratches and nicks in the wood. I love the base, however, as well as the story behind the table so we're keeping it. But I foresee a new top, maybe something marble and oblong like above?? A friend mentioned that she painted hers with chalk paint so that's an option, and I love the look of glass. I also think it'd be fun to have a few different options that I could swap out when I need a change, not unlike adding a tablecloth, just bigger and bulkier!

The Meurice by Jonathan Adler

The area was originally a den so the lighting over the table isn't quite right. I really like this modern chandelier from Jonathan Adler. It's called the Meurice, which makes me want to start singing Steve Miller and speak of the pompatus of love, whatever that is. It costs about $800, a fair price, but over my budget.

A great rug underneath the table is essential. I like the idea of something with reds and blues and lots of pattern to hide spills. Finding the right price point is tricky, though. And since I'm dreaming now anyway, how about this one? (great color swatches, too!)

I dig these fun melamine plates, a colorful upgrade from paper.

What do you think? Would this be a fun space to linger over a meal?


  1. I love the idea of the banquette in the area! What about including it under the window? With pullout drawers for added storage? Or nooks with baskets, again for added storage? One idea I read about a long time ago is to cover the cushioning with out-door material (Ballard Designs) to avoid stains from spills.


    1. The outdoor material is a GREAT idea! And I like the idea of adding the drawers for storage; we could definitely use that!! I envision the hardware being a good footrest for littler people. :)

  2. i love that rug! and, the patterned plates are fabulous too. what fun it will be to design this space! dana


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