Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MCM on Amazon

I know what you're thinking: why in the world is this chica blogging when she has such a busy week? But it's like that saying "if you want something done, ask a busy person." And it helps keep me calm. 

Yesterday I followed an ad from Facebook to Amazon for this mid-century modern (MCM) classic chair. The spindly legs make it known as an Eiffel like the tower in Paris. The sellers of our house had a multi-colored set of vintage Eiffels in their dining area. My preference, though, is just white. And this is a great price for the pair at $156.99 plus free shipping. To compare, Staples also sells a pair for $176.09. 

Besides the great price, what was super exciting to me was the "Customers who bought this item also bought..." section! Like this rocking chair for $93.09 plus $7.90 for shipping. 

Dot & Bo

On Dot & Bo, my regular go-to shop for mid-century modern decor, you have more color options including fun colors like pop yellow and fuschia, but the chair is more expensive at $159.99 and is currently sold out in all the colors I like. 

IKEA via Amazon
You can also order this IKEA faux fur throw through Amazon. Even with a small shipping fee, it costs just under $20.00, which is great for those of us without an IKEA store nearby.

There is also this pillow which adds such great warmth and texture to a room. The faux fur is only on one side of the pillow, but for $15.74 plus free shipping it is a less expensive alternative to Pottery Barn's faux sheepskin pillows, available in two sizes, and which I have in my house (and LOVE).


I also like these yellow Tabouret stools, set of two, for less than $100. Bright yellow has been appealing to me lately and I think it has to do with a need to balance out the watery elements (learn more about Feng shui and your decor from my friend Dana here).  

 I also cannot stop thinking about these inexpensive Lucite nesting tables. They cost $122.37 with free shipping. The rounded edges are perfect for a house with kids or clumsy adults. The clearness of the Lucite makes them visually disappear, which is also perfect in a small space.

Despite what Elle Decor has to say on the subject, I really dig this futon. The sides can be lowered separately, the reviews are positive, and the price is right. I am a "use what you have" designer and I'm positive that you can create a chic looking room, even with the 15 items they say are taboo. In fact, that sounds like a fun challenge that I might have to try!

And as long as we're talking about things designers hate to decorate with, here's a ceiling fan. I like its more modern look and it costs less than $100 with 42" blades (good for a room sized 12x12). I would prefer skylights that automatically open when the temperature in the house gets above a certain number, which is a feature of one of the homes in  Dreaming Green, but I'm not a multi-millionaire so we'll just have to cool off with a ceiling fan.

All these items would look appropriate in our house, built in 1957, but also could be used in moderation in another style of home to create a "collected over time" look. 

What do you think? Any MCM classics appeal to you? Do you agree that everyone over age 30 must burn their futon??

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  1. I love those chairs added unexpectedly to a traditional setting!


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