Sunday, October 14, 2012

{Day 14: Lovely Little Days}

Satisfying things I did this weekend instead of blogging...

1) MSU Homecoming Parade
This has been a tradition since Bela was born. It was just the two of us this year, and driving home I realized it just wasn't the same without Griffin, but she and I had an awesome time and she collected a crazy amount of candy! 

2) Halloween Cookies
Bela and I put on our matching aprons and mixed up sugar cookie dough yesterday afternoon. We rolled it out after dinner and decorated the cookies with colored sugar. We used way too many sprinkles, but I realized there is no virtue in saving it. Both kids ended up with black mouths from eating bats & cats!

3)  Minnie Mouse, Wipeout, and Giggling
Bela played a Minnie Mouse dress-up game on my computer and I helped her print out lots of coloring pages. Both kids enjoy watching Disney's Wipeout--a feat to find something that appeals to them both. Listening to Griffin laugh himself silly while watching Wipeout was exactly what I think he needed after a long week of fourth grade. It's good to hear him laugh!

4)  Spartans & Tigers
My football team lost in double overtime, but my baseball team won in triple overtime. 

5) Chores on a Rainy Day
I folded load after load of freshly-washed laundry (in my newly re-organized laundry room); got flour in every single nook & cranny of the kitchen; let the dog in & out again and again; and meandered through Polly Pockets, little army men, and hundreds of crayons, putting everything away over and over again. Even with all that busy-ness, though, I got to dream a little bit about home improvement projects with Phil, take a nap, and read a book. Thank goodness for snuggly rainy days!

There is no Day 13 post and no photos for this one. So sorry! But we had a happy few days at home, and ultimately, that is what is most important of all. 


  1. Making Halloween cookies is on my list of things to do next weekend. There can never be too many sprinkles, right? :)

    A bunch of my friends watch Wipeout, but I haven't gotten into it. Probably because I'm uncoordinated and hate getting dirty!

    Rainy days are the best. I get so much housework done, and I don't feel resentful about not going outside since the weather's bad anyway.

    Fun post! :)

    1. Thanks, Sage! I'm looking forward to checking out your work. Have fun making cookies! :)


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