Friday, October 19, 2012

{Day 19: Choosing Colors}

Nobody decorates with color like Mother Nature. I am constantly being inspired by the natural landscape. I look out the window and see a spruce against a stormy sky and think how nicely dark green and icy blue combine. Or I look out the back window at our lawn rolling into the corn stalks in the farmer's field and feel the happiness of bright green and pale yellow. Violet and pale green. Crimson and blaze orange. Color combinations that are as unexpected as they are vibrant.

So I am definitely not afraid of color, yet lately I've been drawn to monochromatic color schemes. For example, I love the black legs and white tops of these two tables.

Crate & Barrel Bastille Side Table $449
Wisteria Spanish Travertine-Top Coffee Table $1,199
I think this look will be a perfect way to balance the dark furniture we already have with what we still need to get. Right now we have a low media console and tall bookcase that are a dark ebony color, but we also have white bar stools.

Table in my dining area
And then there is this lovely table in the dining room with dark legs and a white top!

We may need some end tables once the new couch arrives. The monochromatic color scheme would allow us to buy white tables or change the tops of the ones that we currently have to white.

Beautiful on its own, the monochromatic color scheme also allows the more vibrant colors to stand out.

I'm linking up to Furniture Feature Friday on Miss Mustard today. I love her "move mountains" philosophy!

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  1. Her name is actually Miss Mustard Seed. I made her sound like a descendant of one of the characters from Clue... Still, I love her site.


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