Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{Day 29: Lovely Book Storage}

The predominant suggestion to my paper organizing post was to go digital. But what to do about books? Although I have a Kindle Fire and Phil has an iPad, I still love books. LOVE.

This is not yet a lovely little space because I can't quite decide what to do with it. Every year I reorganize the bookcase on Memorial Day or Labor Day. This year I did it both days. And I'm still not satisfied.

Partly because that's only about half the total number of books in my possession (I haven't bought myself new socks in three years, but books?? Always.) The rest of the books are in the basement. I've read that it is better to store books in cardboard boxes because it helps the pages breathe easier. A batch of mine are in a Rubbermaid tote, though, and even more are just on the basement floor. Luckily they're not rare or vintage, although I do have a few books that have been signed, including The Halloween Tree, in which the late Ray Bradbury drew a jack o'lantern. 

There's also no other good place for family board games--I like to have them out to remind us to play. I have moved some of the games into the kids' rooms and all of the kid lit on that shelf was relocated back to the kids' rooms this summer here and here.

As you can see from this photo I also like to use the bookcase for some decorative displays. It breaks up the look of a row of books. There are family photos and an artsy print as well as decorative boxes and shells. I've seen people create a rainbow effect with the spines of their books, and that might be a fun look.

Ultimately, though, I don't think the bookcase is going to stay in this corner of the room. We may not yet be through trick-or-treating, but I've already begun thinking about Christmas, and this is the best spot for a big tree. 

But where, oh where will that bookcase go???

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