Sunday, October 7, 2012

{Day 7: Pantry}

For this week of "31 Days to Lovely Little Spaces" I am going to be in the kitchen. 

Overview of pantry from doorway

We are very lucky to have a walk-in pantry in this house, but I have lived in houses without one (I used a large china cabinet that we moved into the kitchen for food storage) and in very, very tiny spaces (a 650 square foot duplex). 

To keep the pantry organized--without spending any money on organizers--I put like items with each other. In the photo above you can see that all of the small appliances are on the top shelf, cooking & baking supplies are on the second shelf, and the bottom shelf is for ready-to-eat foods like cereals, chips, and crackers.

Here's a close-up view of the top shelf. Besides small appliances,
this is also where we keep extra paper towels & party/picnic supplies.

I spent this morning re-organizing some of my Pinterest boards. You can follow my Pantry board here!

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