Saturday, October 20, 2012

{Day 20: Loveliness Leads to Happiness}

The entry. Re-decorated as a nursery.
What is the purpose of creating lovely little spaces? Why are we all on this quest to be more organized?


Why bother? Especially when you live with other people who--shall we say--don't share our design vision or same standards of neatness??

Baking cookies and helping Griff w/ homework in my puppy print pj's.
Because we love these little mess makers. And because we want to live in our homes--to bake cookies,  to read stories, and to play.

The living room--and another world.

Another angle.
Even Bela enjoys decorating her house.
Organization makes it possible to have a room full of toys and not feel like it's clutter. You can appreciate the creativity of a little child's imaginary world. And you're not cleaning up while the kids are still playing.

Creating lovely little spaces is the incentive I need to control what is within my reach. To clear the counters and manage the paper. To stay on top of the laundry. To have a routine for getting the dishes from the dinner table to the dishwasher to the cupboard.

Everyone on their own screen. 
Because we share this space. It is our home!


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