Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{Day 9: Fall Around the House}

Yesterday I posted some photos of my kitchen & dining areas decorated for Fall.   

Home away from home.
View from the front yard.

Today I am working late at the office. We had a board meeting this morning and tonight there is a dinner. We host it every year in the Fall, and my office reaps the benefits the other 364 days by having the assorted mums, orchids, grasses, and hydrangeas displayed on my desk, bookcase, and file cabinets. And because of that abundance, I have decided you really can never have too many flowers. 

At home the Fall colors outdoors are stunning. Not just the gorgeous golds, oranges, and crimsons of the leaves on the trees in the field across the way, but the fully restored emerald green grass. I moved the chairs off our porch and onto the front lawn to better watch the antics of the kids on the driveway after dinner.

And with the chairs gone from the porch and the floor swept, it is all the better to see how badly this area needs to be re-stained. For now we'll call it rustic. But that's one of the "house proud" jobs on my list. It's not fun decor but it is so important to taking care of our home. 

Dracula on the front door, a jack o'lantern bucket for mums, a black cauldron next to the door, and a berry wreath around the porch light, as well as some less visible twinkle lights strung from the beams, round out the Halloween decorations on the front of our home.

In the backyard we still have our cornfield. One of these days the farmer will be along to mow it down, but for now we are enjoying it.

Bela might be Batgirl for Halloween. She has been wearing her new costume a lot, and wore it outside one night near sunset to play on the swingset. I love the way the light is shining in the first photo and the big old tree in the middle of the cornfield in picture #2. I say she might be Batgirl because she's six, and because we still have three weeks until the big day, so the choice of costume might still change [several times] between now and then.

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