Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Day 31: Happy Halloween!}

Today is the official last day of "31 Days to Lovely Little Spaces" (I hope that nobody is sick of hearing the word lovely :)  We celebrated Halloween with some cold, rainy trick-or-treating in our teensy Michigan village.

This was our backyard a few weekends ago...
And this was the scene a few days ago. I heard a great clatter outside and now the corn is gone.

This is my cute little witch at her classroom party today. Every time I braid her hair, I tell her that I always wanted a little girl who looks just like her with braids in her hair. She likes to tell me that she is a big girl. And she is! She's my big first grader.

This is Griffin at his class party. By fourth grade the kids are planning their own parties, but he was happy to have me stop by. He told me later how cute he thought this friend's baby sister looked as a little chicken. It reminded me of my grandma and her sister who called me the Polish word for little chicken when I was a child. I have no idea how to spell it, but it sounds like "Coo-da-ka".

Griffin was Ghostface (??). His mask has a pump that makes blood squirt all around the face. Totally gross and he loved every second of it! Bela smiling & wearing her witch's hat.
And they're off!

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