Saturday, October 27, 2012

{Day 27: A Lovely Little Update}

Remember my entryway progress with the mirror and the large crock from Day 16??? I've done some work and this is how it is looking now:

An overview of the formally blank wall. I moved this console table into the space and propped the mirror on it (for now). This necessitated that I move the photos up higher on the wall. And since I was doing that I switched out the 8x10s inside with some that have more green in them. I also hung glittery green spiders on either side of the pictures.

Here's an updated shot of the crock, decorated for fall. There is a leaf garland coming out and I hung a door decoration off the mirror with an orange ribbon.

A close-up on the special number 15 detail on the outside of the crock. Both kids' were born on the 15th.
We don't use this entrance on the front of our house for our daily comings & goings. But it is a logical place for the newspaper and mail. All those magazines I talked about a few days ago are in the basket on the middle shelf, next to my current library books.
One of the really special details on the table is this series of black & white photos of my grandma with my aunt and mom. They were re-printed and I framed them inexpensively with pop-in frames from Dollar General. I like how they look lining the bottom of the mirror. And I love seeing my mom and aunt as little girls, younger than my own kids, and seeing my gram being a mother.
The console table also gives me a chance to do more holiday decorating. I used a tall yellow vase for height & color, the black tree candelabra for visual interest, and a small basket (that reminds me of a bird's nest) filled with colorful leaves for texture. 
One final detail of the space... A spooky Halloween ornament hangs on the doorknob of the coat closet.

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