Saturday, October 6, 2012

{Day 6: A Lovely Little Laundry Room}

The shelf over the washer & dryer, and a glimpse of the
re-organized battery/light bulb cabinet.
I spent an extraordinary amount of time in the laundry room today. Besides catching up on the family's wash for the week I did a deep clean and re-organized two cabinets and the linen closet. We also moved around some hooks for big impact!

A "before" shot of the shelf over the washer & dryer. The cleaners
have all been moved to one of the cabinets now.

I pulled some cute canisters from storage and put them on the shelf with my iPod
and a digital picture frame. This one will hold samples and the other has dryer sheets.
I removed a shelf in one of the cabinets over the washer & dryer
so I could fit the bleach, stain treatment, etc. behind closed doors.

I organized another cabinet by sorting the elements and
putting them in handy little containers. Light bulbs here.
Batteries here.

This is the "before" of the battery and light bulb cabinet.

A detailed "before" shot of the linen closet. All that stuff is now
stored in coordinating file boxes that were $2 each from Michael's.
The towels are folded and sorted on the bottom shelf.
Sheets are stacked neatly; the basket holds extra pillow cases.
And the top shelf has a basket of SPF and stacked beach towels.
The $2 file boxes that now house cleaning supplies, pet grooming
equipment, extra toiletries, and first aid items.

We moved this coat hook from the entryway. The room is not truly done
because we still need to paint: note the paint swatches above the hooks.
I really like how it looks hung so high and it won't interfere with sitting on the bench (out of sight).

I moved the bottom row of pictures up and Phil
sweetly hung the hooks for me.

Here is Griff's Monet art that was tilted on another wall before.

Phil also hung these hooks under the window near the dryer.
I am so happy that I have a place for hangers!
A sampling of the cleaners I used to get rid of all the dust bunnies.

An "after" shot of the laundry room.
The room is so teensy it's hard to get a good pic.
Now it's time to celebrate with baseball and apple pie (and a heating pad). Tomorrow we'll be on to a new area of the house to continue "31 Days to Lovely Little Spaces."


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    1. Good point, Jane. I remember the happy day I got my first washer & dryer, and no longer had to go to the laundromat!


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